Welcome to the world of Yviril, this Adventure takes place on the continent of Tenebris. Within the lands of Imperial Tu'Var home of the twin towers of Obsidian and Ivory known as Unum Devorantis and Sedet ad Spem.  Many great civilizations have made their home in this region in eons past. Three of these great civilizations are known to the Schoolars of the Arceneum Enclave. The most recent of these civilizations was that of the Orcish warlords proud and strong followers of the mighty god Gruumsh. But as is the way of orcs they where their own undoing with infighting and petty squabbles leading them and their subjects into a dark age. It didn't take long for the forces of the underworld to rise up and take control of this land due to the fact that a large Gorge leading deep underground too fathoms unknown is located within the borders of the tuvar Imperial region. Seeing this opportunity to make deals and alliances with the fiendish creatures that crawled up from the Gorge. The drow of the local subterrainian area and these new creatures calling themselves tieflings quickly overtook and subjugated the entire region and have built great monuments to their dark gods and altars of power from which they may rule with an Iron Fist. Though Imperious and dominating the empire that has sprung up is fairly successful and has made extraordinary leaps and bounds with thier civil engineering projects and works of enchantment. Having recently implimented an aquaduct system into their three largest cities, that of Kolgor, Moirtal and Velgir.

Reckoning in Tu'Var